Aesthetics in Jewelry

Aesthetics in Jewelry was founded in 1976 by James Jackson (Jimmy the Jeweler). He was born in New Albany, Indiana, grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, and has lived in New London, Connecticut, and Kennewick, Washington, but now resides in Louisville, Kentucky.

Following a six year service in the United States Navy Nuclear Power Program, Jim moved to Kennewick, Washington as a nuclear reactor operator. This is where his love for creating jewelry began as a hobby. Jim studied under Wes Door, a semi-retired mad scientist-type jeweler whom also invented a number of tools that are used standardly throughout the jewelry industry.

While cutting gems and creating jewelry, Jim’s passion grew to the point of a career change. Upon choosing jewelry as his life’s work, he moved back to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. His shop was set up in his mother’s basement, where he did repairs and made custom jewelry for local stores and personal customers.

Aesthetics first moved to the Commonwealth building and was joined by several highly skilled benchmen. They later moved to their current location in the Chestnut Center between 4th and 5th Street, on the sixth floor and occupies almost the full length of one side of the building.

The Chestnut Center has its own history, as it was originally the Francis Building, then Lincoln Square, and now the Chestnut Center. Aesthetics has changed addresses multiple times without changing its location. Aesthetics also has the convenience of free parking.

Aesthetics is very fortunate to have a fully-equipped modern shop, manned by exceptional bench jewelers who make and repair jewelry with a high degree of perfection, and a very knowledgeable family-like staff. It’s as if you’re in a living room with friendly people helping you look through a treasure chest.

Aesthetics is rooted in service and repairs; However, their strength is in the unique, the unusual, custom work and great values they provide. They maintain a full line of Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Diamond jewelry and loose stones. They also have many rare and unusual items and stones that are not mainstream.